Deep Business Model Sheet (BETA)

Create a dynamic representation of your business model in a single spreadsheet and use its auto-generated tools to understand its risks and asses its viability

Business model on steroids

The Business Model Canvas is a great starting point when designing a business, but soon you need complementary tools, such as the Value Proposition Canvas or cash-flow projections to obtain a deeper understanding of it. These tools are generally different documents, in multiple formats with no connection between them. With the Deep Business Model Sheet you have all your business model relate info in a single place.

Input business model data

Yes, we know that spreadsheets can be intimidating, but ours has been designed with user experience in mind. You can easily input all the data you need for a specific purpose. You can start filling-in the elements of the 9 types included in the Business Model Canvas and then jump-on to the ones needed in the Lean Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas or empathy maps. When elements of a specific type are used in multiple artifacts (such as customers), you only have to include then once.

You can also rate elements by weight (how important are they for the business success) and uncertainty (how confident I am that they are true).

Visualize artifacts

Based on the data you input, artifacts that let you analyze your business model in depth are generated. They help you visually understand its most important aspects and take decisions in matters such as value propositions, amount of investment needed or product pricing.

They also let you identify the main hypothesis and risks to help you prioritize your work and run the necessary Lean Startup experiments.

They are also a great tool if you need to communicate the business you are building to peers, partners or investors.

Dynamic Business Model

Most design tools are static. They represent your business at a specific point in time, but that's not enough. You need to understand how you are gonna get there. For example, you might focus on a specific customer segment and problem at a first stage, but target a wider customer segment and problem in the mid-term.

If you plan to obtain most of your customers via direct sales in phase 1, SEM in phase 2 and SEO in phase 3, your business model should include that.

And most important according to my assumptions, how much money will be entering and leaving my bank account in the next months?

Understand risks

When business design meets Lean Startup, identifying risks and mitigating them is critical, but entrepreneurs often struggle to allocate their effort in the right tasks. The Deep Business Model Sheet helps you focus your work, so that project risk is minimized as soon as possible.

Use our Risk list and our Risk Bubble Chart to plan and keep track of your experiments and communicate your achievements in terms of project validation.

"The business model concepts of the canvas are well understood, and analysis has moved beyond the elements towards the interactions based on their relationships. The business model is coherent and does the right job. Above all, the interactions needed to make it work are understood. Thus, the model is the right one and has the potential to be sustainable if implemented correctly." 

Extending the Business Model Canvas: A Dynamic Perspective

Boris Fritscher and Yves Pigneur

"The Business  Model  Canvas  is a static framework. Therefore, it demands extra tools, methods, and techniques, as well as indicators, to provide the required dynamism. The results indicate that is necessary to integrate tools, methodologies, and indicators to the BMC to make it dynamic, helping  entrepreneurs to manage and to innovate their business models."


Rodrigues, VĂ­vian & Lopes, Humberto Elias. (2018)

"We build on the dynamic capability view of the firm to explain business model evolution and innovation, looking particularly at the dynamics that are created by interactions between business model components over time."

Capturing Dynamics in Business Model Framework

Hanieh Khodaei and Roland Ortt

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